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My cholesterol level went from 315 on October 2020 to 163 on March 2021, following Baykenji Health 9-week program. Simply AMAZING!, A.B, Vermont, USA
It’s doable!!! S. C nurse at Providence/Swedish, Washington State, USA
I feel so much better, I could not kneel, now I can kneel and pray. I am so grateful! Sister C.E, Poor Clare nun, Ivory Coast

The first step for change is AWARENESS. 

Our passion is to OPTIMIZE your team

For members of your work team, your service organization, networking group, your church or even a group of friends, Céline offers inspirational and motivational speaking in the area of Mental Health in the workplace and how planting an E.L.M. tree provides hope to all of us. Emotional Intelligence - Lifestyle Medicine - Mindset

Our Audience

Speaking Topics
A few facts:
1 out of 5 Americans has mental health issues. Chances are you have one in your team or in your family.
Six out of ten Americans suffer from a chronic disease.
Mental Health should be part of Overall Health and addressed simultaneously
There is hope for people living with mental health issues. One could also be an ally.
Employees who are in bad health have more than 30% decline in productivity.
Lifestyle plays a major role in mental health.
Healthcare cost is increasing at a rate greater than inflation.
Employees would like to adopt a healthy and productive lifestyle but struggle with the HOW.
In her inspirational talks, Céline provide hope with people challenged by mental health issues. She addresses the concerned of the entire team. She shares very practical ways to start a transformation to a healthy life.

Combining sound business principles, the power of Emotional Intelligence, the approach of Lifestyle Medicine powered by a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) nutrition, the tenets of People Change Management, compassion and personal experience, Céline has developed a comprehensive process for sustainable results.

Céline believes strongly that we're all entitled to have a thriving life with mental clarity and energy without jeopardizing our health and with no guilt.
Her topics include:
Mental Health in the Workplace
The Impostor Syndrome
Mental Health and Lifestyle Medicine
Work-Life Balance
The Health and Productivity Matrix
Whole Health: Physical and Mental
Living with Depression in the workplace
Sweet Resonance

What people are saying

"Celine and her partner bring an insightful approach to the workplace culture. If your employees are not functioning well on all levels, your organization will also suffer. A balanced workforce will bring a balanced business. I highly recommend that you take a look at what Celine has to offer. She is amazing at what she does" - P.N.

"Learning and applying the recent research in high leadership performance and health is a big value add for me" - E. B.
"I participated in a very interactive session with Celine regarding developing our knowledge on what white sugar is doing to our entire body. I enjoyed the very practical and immersive approach." -  C. J.

"This was "AMAZING". I learn how to make sweets that are not only good for me but for my entire family. This is a knowledge that I will integrate in our family nutrition for our lifetime. Thank you Celine. " - K. M. 
Providence Regional Medical Center
"For the first time in my life, I am building solid skills for a lifestyle that puts me in the driver's seat regarding my health both physical and mental, my life choices, my happiness. I feel like I am a better team member because I am in a better mental state and feel energized." - E.A.

"Celine and Kim emphasize the whole person in their work. This is really essential today in 2021" - J.B.

The Problem

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 Americans deal with Mental Health issues. Could it be a member of your team?

Mental health issues negatively affect team dynamic and performance

Strain communication amongst coworkers

Reduce physical capability and daily functioning

Diminish engagement with one’s work

Decrease job performance and productivity.

Mental health issues increase disability, unemployment; lowers retention

Depression interferes with a person’s ability to complete physical job tasks about 20% of the time and reduces cognitive performance about 35% of the time

Only 57% of employees who report moderate depression and 40% of those who report severe depression receive treatment to control depression symptoms

Very often mental health is not addressed in conjunction with overall health and business skills.

Our Unique Solution

Team members dealing with 
weight problems
have a negative impact on team dynamic and productivity.

We believe that Mental Health should be part of Overall Health and we should leverage business skills for sustainable results.
We encourage individuals to grow and nurture their E.L.M. TreeTM

every day.
Emotional Intelligence. The key to personal and professional success. Ability to aware of, regulate, and express one's emotions in a healthy manner, and to handle interpersonal relationships wisely and with compassion
Lifestyle Medicine. Scientifically proven and evidence-based to prevent and reverse chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
Mindset. The established set of mental attitudes or inclinations that could either support or sabotage one’s effort to a better self.

The Whole Person

Our E.L.M. Tree model focuses on the Whole individual. It leverages leadership skills (Emotional Intelligence), Lifestyle Medicine results, Mindset and People Change Management principles to Optimize teams.

Optimized Leader

Click on each item in the diagram to find out more.


We follow the principles of Lifestyle Medicine powered by a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Nutrition. The objective is to eat more plant-based foods that are minimally processed. We believe that you do not have to become a chef or a biologist to eat healthy. No one has to give up pleasure to eat healthy: We are ADAMANT about it.


What are you feeding your mind and soul? Unforgiveness, stress, negative thoughts, lack of a spiritual discipline could derail your health.

Life Purpose

Are you living a purpose driven life? Do you know what is your mission on earth? We believe that people who have a complete understanding and acceptance of their life purpose have less stress and are much happier and healthier.


What you chose to do with your body in terms of: exercise, sleep, exposure to the sun and the cosmetics on your skin have an impact on your overall health.


How healthy are your relationships with yourself, with others? Have you established the necessary boundaries?


The level of pollution and access to clean air, water, quietness are part of the social determinant of health.

An Optimized Leader is an authentic Leader living a Fully Integrated Lifestyle.

In their own words...

  • live a more balanced life with a focus on self-care, self-compassion, and productivity. 
    I feel fortunate to have enrolled in the life-changing, 7-week program taught by Celine, a dynamic, dedicated coach who will support you to achieve success. The course not only builds knowledge and skills in eating healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods but also touches upon how to live a more balanced life with a focus on self-care, self-compassion, and productivity. Anyone interested in learning to break free from food addiction and emotional eating with clear understanding of available clean food options should take this course as it will transform their lives for the better. For the first time in my life, I am building solid skills for a lifestyle that puts me in the driver's seat regarding my health, my life choices, my happiness. Sign up with Celine and you will never again diet.
    Dr. Awa Bamba
    Strategic Operations Manager/ Co-Creating / Serving Rural Communities / Promoting Excellence
    Dr. Awa was a client of Celine

  • the BEST investment I’ve ever made
    Celine = Passion and Energy. Passionate about healthy living and most importantly a determination to help others. Her energy which is the result of applying what she preaches is the best proof. I heard Celine speak at the Edmonds, WA Chamber of Commerce and was SOLD. Hiring Celine as a lifestyle coach was the BEST investment I’ve ever made in my life when it comes to my health. Her program is very thorough. Celine is patient and fun. I did not know that food could be DELICIOUS and Healthy. Around me, while people are gaining weight, I lost 35 lbs and have boosted my physical and intellectual abilities. I have a better understanding of food and the impact of all elements of my lifestyle on my health. I am now confident in the kitchen and the grocery stores. I strongly recommend Celine and her program to anyone looking for long term results.
    Scott Strong
    Director of Sales & Marketing | Community Leader | Sales Expert | Speaker | Leadership Training
    Scott was a client of Celine

  • we have incorporated many of her instructions into our lifestyle
    It is indeed my pleasure to endorse Celine Brozovich. I know Celine personally and have worked with her professionally. I hold Celine in the highest regard. Always dependable, she follows through on all promises and tasks. A natural leader, she leads by example and always contributes more than expected. I heard Celine speaking about Lifestyle Medicine at the South Everett Mukilteo Rotary Club. She is a dynamic speaker and knowledgeable on Lifestyle Medicine. My wife and I contracted her for coaching services and we have incorporated many of her instructions into our lifestyle. Celine’s ability to review existing recipes and substitute unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones was amazing, especially when the healthy alternative tasted delicious. I highly recommend Celine. She is a true professional and is noteworthy as she excels in many academic disciplines. She is indeed a pleasure to all who work with her!
    Dave Miles
    REALTOR Broker
    Dave was a client of Celine

  • We enjoyed our time working with Celine very much!
    My husband and I worked directly with Celine with private classes and personal coaching regarding health and diet. The classes were part education and part cooking instruction with sampling of delicious vegan foods. I learned how to create healthy meals and Celine reworked our favorite recipes.

    She is a great instructor and a very good cook. I've always loved vegan cooking, and much to his surprise, my carnivorous husband found the food to be tasty and satisfying. We enjoyed our time working with Celine very much!
    Kim Pelham
    Real Estate Broker / Home Staging for Occupied Homes
    Client of Céline Anelone

  • I had dropped 40 pounds and my physician stopped prescribing my cholesterol medication. I had taken that prescription for well over 30 years.
    In July 2017, I needed help. I was 65 pounds overweight and in an upward trend of annual weight gain plus increasing my risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Within six months of following Celine’s guidance based on Lifestyle Medicine powered by a Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition, I had dropped 40 pounds and my physician stopped prescribing my cholesterol medication. I had taken that prescription for well over 30 years. In another year, my weight dropped an additional 25 pounds bringing my total weight loss to 65 pounds. Thanks to Celine’s coaching, I resumed weight lifting, cardio exercise, and I was keeping up Pilates twice a week at the YMCA with people twenty years younger. Now, in February, 2021, I look back with gratitude. For the first time in my life, I am living with a stable weight and I am free of cravings for sugar and salt. And, with virus precautions, I am lap swimming five times a week.
    John Brozovich
    Mission Integration, Ethics and Spiritual Care
    John was a client of Celine Anelone’s

  • That was our best investment of 2020.
    My wife, kids and I took private lifestyle lessons from Celine. That was our best investment of 2020. Celine was so passionate and eager to help us use food as drugs in order to avoid having drugs as food. Celine's approach that makes a difference is that you are not asked to have a special diet. She lets you eat the same food but in a cleaner way. For example, we used water to make our usual homemade salad dressing instead of oil and it was still very delicious with less fat!!!!!!
    Blaise Dondji
    Professor at Central Washington University
    Blaise was a client of Celine

  • our everyday food choices can transform our health, well-being and productivity…in life and at work
    Celine’s passion pours out of her pores when she speaks about health and wellness through lifestyle medicine. She’s a very knowledgeable and professional speaker, and I recommend her highly to anyone looking for inspiration on leveraging lifestyle medicine to change their lives. As president of 4word: Seattle, I invited Celine to speak to our group about how making simple changes to our everyday food choices can transform our health, well-being and productivity…in life and at work. And what a joy she was to listen to! With her excitement and enthusiasm, she actually made it fun to learn about plant-based nutrition and the need to create a clear plan that incorporates whole foods into our diets. Be sure to ask for her recipe for “Joy” cookies!
    Sharon Purcell
    Igniting Leader ∙ Influential Communicator ∙ Fearless Innovator
    Celine worked with Sharon in the same group

  • I have known Celine Brozovich for a few years now, and have always found her to be highly motivated to help people become their absolute best. I observed first how she adapted a plant-based diet and radically changed not just her own health to an optimal level, but that of her husband John's health as well. She is an amazing communicator and is able to explain complex information with great clarity. Her optimistic approach to help empower people to activate a process of change is very uplifting. I highly recommend her as a public speaker and valuable life coach.
    Ronald D Pate, Ph.D.
    Educator, speaker, writer for Getting to Good
    Ronald  worked with Celine at different companies

  • I love the energy that Celine brings to everything she does. She is passionate about health and helping people achieve their optimal wellness through lifestyle medicine - especially food and exercise. She helps people uncover their deepest motivation to improve their health, which makes change easy. She then coaches them through the changes they wish to make, one simple step at a time. 

    If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, Celine will help you succeed!
    Amanda Strombom
    Co-author of Plant-Based Diets in Medicine, published medical articles
    President of Vegetarians of WA.
    Amanda worked with Celine at different companies

  • While attending Celine's Culinary Remix Program, I learned invaluable ideas how to make healthier choices. Celine is a captivating and engaging teacher, and has been there through my journey to encourage and celebrate my successes!
    Heather Kieley
    Heather was a client of Celine

  • I love Celine's passion for wanting to help people change their lives through her no nonsense 7 step approach to a healthy lifestyle. I have watched over several years research and develop this course through a lot of "blood, sweat, and tears". 

    Celine is an amazing speaker and coach and anyone who takes her course will be amply rewarded in knowledge, health, and feeling good about themselves.
    Sukoshi Fahey
    Experienced Brand Enhancement Consultant, Technical Writer, Speaker and Trainer, 
    Presentation Design, Zoom master, Powersports Expert
    Celine  was a client of Sukoshi’s

  • This is an easy recommendation to write: Celine is pleasant, knowledgeable and easy to talk with, making nutrition fun and entertaining but informative and productive - everything that I would wish from a nutrition expert. She is full of great advice and clever solutions to real nutrition problems. I personally know her to be someone of integrity and excellence. 

    Highly recommend. 
    Dave Giltner
    Dave Giltner
    Marketing & Operations
    Worked with Celine at different companies

  • Celine has an obvious passion for what she does. Not only is she knowledgeable about food and eating healthy but she also has a touching personal story of how her own life has been miraculously impacted through making changes with her own health. Celine will move you and change your life. And she's a blast to work with!
    Catherine M White
    Growing business profits with P.O.W.E.R.R.™
    Catherine M worked with Celine Anelone but at different companies

View more testimonial videos.

Our Model

Plant and nurture your E.L.M. Tree, or be an ally and support others do it.

Emotional Intelligence - 
Lifestyle Medicine - 

E.L.M TreeTM

 is a symbol of


Corporate Services



The Optimized Leader program offers a thoughtful, intentional and resonant framework for leaders to re-boot, re-calibrate, improve health outcomes and further accelerate their impact on peers, teams and the organization.
Download the Brochure
Sessions are interactive, engaging, and customized; facilitated in real-time and
delivered live.

The Optimized Leader program is based on sound business principles and evidence
based research. Employees are empowered to make choices with sustainable results.

Sample offerings:
◘ Mental Health and Lifestyle - Mental Health and Physical Health are intertwined. How is my Lifestyle impacting my mental health and tips to boost mental health.
◘ Mental Health in the workplace, the example of Burnout - Recognize the signs of burnout and learn practical tips to cope.
◘ Depression: The way out - There is hope. Learn from the experience of a corporate executive.
◘ The Impostor Syndrome - What is it? How does it impact mental wellness? How to counter it?
◘ “Work Life Balance” - A stressful concept in today’s social/political/economic context. It is about one's life and one is in charge.



Employees are the #1 business assets. Let’s create a workplace that fosters Health and support Healthy habits.

The consulting engagement includes:
The consulting engagement includes:

- Education of your team on the relationship between physical and mental health. It also provide an overview of the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine powered by Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) nutrition

- Engagement of the Senior Leadership team and middle management

- 9-week coaching classes

- Optimization of the environment to support a healthy environment

- Creation of PODS for ongoing support

7-Week Group Coaching

7-Week Group Coaching

A 7-Week journey to Health with a group. In person or via zoom. 
Receive Active coaching & teaching. Be part of discussions, develop capacity and knowledge, support and be supported.
During the 7 weeks we will address specific topics that negatively impact our health, learn about selected diseases and foods.

At the end of every week, you’ll receive additional materials and some assignments, and you will track your progress each week. 

The 7-week class touches all the pillars of lifestyle medicine and People Change management.

At the end of the class you’ll have the following reaction: “I can’t believe I did not think about it sooner, it’s so simple, it makes so much sense. Now I know what my challenges are and I know how to address them.” 

You will feel liberated and knowledgeable.

Public Speaking Services

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn

One of Celine’s most requested speaking programs!

It is an awareness program that gives hope to team members on how to live a highly functional life with mental health challenges in the professional settings. 
Each session ends with a very practical demonstration to help participants acquire a specific skill. Check the brochure for more information.

Team Building

Team Building

This program provides a practical and immersive approach to the E.L.M tree concept for the management of one's mental health.
This program has successfully empowered audience members to start their journey to both mental and physical health.

Combining awareness, ability and team building, your team will learn about how to develop their Emotional Intelligence Muscle, B) Lifestyle Medicine and especially Nutrition, and the steps for a successful transformation.

Together, your team will prepare a delicious and healthy dish in this half-day program delivered in person or over zoom.



One of Celine’s most requested speaking programs!

It is an awareness program that provides information on the science and the results of Lifestyle Medicine powered by Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) nutrition.
After discussing with you, Celine customizes each talk to address your team’s specific challenges. The conversation gives the audience the opportunity to get some burning questions answered.

No matter the expectations related to Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition, Productivity and steps for succeeding on one’s transformation journey, your team will feel inspired, challenged and motivated in less than one hour!

My Story

About Me

Celine Anelone Brozovich is the founder of Baykenji Health, a health and productivity company created to build employee morale and reduce employer healthcare expenses. Celine was the Director of Customer Success with McKesson, a Fortune 10 company. She won the coveted McKesson President’s Award for over the top achievers. By the way only 0.3% of McKesson employees are selected. Is it highly competitive? That is an understatement.

In a nutshell Celine works across the organization to teach and coach. She leverages Lifestyle Medicine programs that are scientifically based with proven results and sound business principles to deliver a program with sustainable results.

The reason this is key now is that research has shown that worker productivity decreases by up to 46% when they are in very poor health. Furthermore, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) states as a fact that 6 out of 10 Americans suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. Celine’s work as a coach and consultant addresses these issues directly.

What makes Celine’s work uniquely fit for businesses is her bottom-line sensitivity, which stands out in a field with many nutrition experts. Here are a few things that makes Celine different:
She is currently co-teaching Lifestyle Medicine classes based on the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), as a licensed facilitator with a physician at Providence in Everett, WA. Providence is a $2.3 billion health system with over three thousand employees.
She offered her Health and Productivity Program for the employees of the YMCA in Monroe, WA a part of the Snohomish county YMCA that serves more than 100K members.
She is highly knowledgeable on Lifestyle Medicine and combines her experience as a People Change Management Professional and Lifestyle coach to deliver a program to prevent diseases and reduce employer health care expenses.
With an MS in electrical engineering degree, MBA and People Change Management Certification, plus more than 25 years of real business experience in the private sector, she brings a much needed fresh and practical approach. And, employees love her enthusiasm, knowledge and emphasis on making the experience fun, practical and sustainable.
She is a passionate and inspiring teacher that appeals to large and small groups. She leverages her personal experiences and focusses on sustainable results.
Learn more about me...

Our Partner

Kim Wysseier

✓ Principal strategist at People Compass
✓ Over 10 years of executive leadership experience
✓ Entrepreneurial, leadership-centred, strengths-based and resiliency-building ethos
✓ Offering guidance that is strategic, regulatory, and grounded in both practicality and execution

Credentials: MSc, BSc, SHRM-SCP, CPHR, Prosci

The Company

The Current Threats

Chronic Diseases: Debilitating and Costly
Today Healthcare cost: $3.3 Trillions and increasing
Source: CDC
Burden of Illness Costs
At an average salary of $50K/year, a 6 percentage point loss of productivity from presenteeism/functional impairment would be a financial cost of $3000 per employee.
Source: IPHM
Productivity Loss
Up to 46% loss of productivity for people who have very poor health status
Source: Dr Joseph Leutzinger


To empower people to become agents of their own health by embracing the principles of lifestyle medicine.  By adopting a whole food plant-rich nutrition and through personalized and experiential learning, individuals build a foundation to support and sustain habits that promote health and vitality.


We believe that:

Nobody should give up their professional dreams because of mental health.
That mental health and physical health are intertwined and should be addressed simultaneously.
Nobody should live in fear or in isolation due to the lack of mental wellness.
We can be allies of the people suffering

We stress compassion and empathy because we too have been there, struggled with mental health issues, weight and diseases, and won the battle. We put an emphasis on sustainable results.
Courtesy - Dr. David L. Katz


The Baykenji Health approach includes education, application and support for your employees to permanently change their habits for good physical and mental health. It creates a cultural shift that spans across all levels of the organization, from the CEO to the individual contributors.

The Transformation Process

To achieve sustainable and concrete results, a proven methodology to support CHANGE is key to the success of one's journey to health. We leverage the Prosci ADKAR® Model.

Click on each item in the diagram to find out more.


Awareness of the need to change. Human nature naturally resists changes. Awareness is the first step of change. During this phase we talk about why a change is needed now, and explain the risk of not changing.


During this phase we work with the customers to identify the motivation for supporting the transformation. At the end of this process the customer is fully engaged. This is a crucial part of the process.


It is important that people understand the relationship between their lifestyle and their health. This part is achieved through lectures, video, books, etc.. Unfortunately, this is not enough. Giving anybody a book on how to swim does not make one a swimmer. The next step is key.


Capacity building phase. During this phase the individual will perform certain tasks..  This is where participants will clearly understand what works for them or what does not. This is the time to personalize all the knowledge and be very practical.


Reinforcement/Rewards to make sure the change sticks. We discuss how we ensure that people don’t revert to old habits. During this phase we also address the psychology of rewards. Lifestyle change is complex, that’s why we introduce in this phase the psychology of rewards, positive feedback and support.


Answers to your frequently asked questions

Tell me more about the 7-week program

Please refer to details below

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

The Lifestyle Medicine website explains it best.  You may want to check it out.

What is Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition (WFPB)?

This beginner's guide from Healthline.com presents some useful information for starters.

What are the pillars of People Change Management?

Image credit: Lucidchart.com.

How are you measuring results?

We ask you to inform your doctor and take your biometrics. Schedule a physical exam to have a baseline. Six (6) months later, we suggest you take another physical to see the results. In addition to the physical exam we ask you to download the evaluation matrix in PDF or in XLS format to track your progress.

What's covered in each of your services?

Please have a look at the Services Summary below.
More information on the The 7-Week Group Coaching

How long is the program and how often do we meet?

The program lasts 7 weeks. We meet once a week at the same time for 90 minutes. We start on time and end on time.

What should I expect every week?

A review of the previous week, group coaching on a step of the process, education on a specific topic usually one disease, and one nutrition item. Then, we spend time in the kitchen for capacity building (empowerment). You will be given an assignment and additional resources every week.

Can I do the class with my spouse?

It is GREATLY recommended. The spouse will receive a 50% discount.

What are the options available to me for the class?

Here is a list of options:
You can have a private session for you and your family. (I will charge you for the price of 5 individuals).
You can have a group of 5-10 friends to form a class.
You can join a class with people you don’t know. Minimum class size is 5 and maximum is 10.

What about privacy?

For privacy reasons, I will not record the class. I will record the last day for your testimonials. What is shared in the class stays in the class. We will rely on the honor system.

What equipment do I need for the program?

Here is the list of equipment:
A powerful blender. A Vitamix is strongly recommended.
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Milk bags: here is where I find mine on Amazon
Cast iron 10 inch
Onion chopper. I use this one from Amazon.

What unusual ingredients do I need?

I will send you the list of ingredients in a separate email broken down by week.

How do I prepare for the capacity building of the class?

Every week, I’ll send you a shopping list and a detailed mise en place. Mise en place will tell you everything you need to participate in the capacity building.

How important is the mise en place?

The mise en place is what will allow you to acquire the ABILITY to do certain things. I strongly recommend that you plan your shopping and time accordingly.  If you are not ready for the mise en place, you won’t be able to participate in the Empowerment session of the class.  Out of respect for the other members of the program I will ask you to skip the mise en place.

What if I miss a class?

I will ask you to wait until the next cohort. Each week builds on the previous week.

What if my zoom crashes?

It will be the same as missing a class.  You’ll wait for the next cohort.  Each week builds on the previous week.  It is important that everybody in the class be at the same level.

What is the refund policy?

If you inform us before the first class, I’ll refund 100% of your money.  After the first class I’ll ask you to enroll in future classes.  You have 12 months to take advantage of this policy.

How do I measure my results?

You will have received a tracking sheet to measure your progress. It is your companion through the journey.

After the class how do I get my questions answered?

You have access to me via email for 90 days after the class. I’ll answer your questions within the next 72 hours.
Services Summary
Lunch & Learn
Team Building
7-Week Group Class
Lifestyle Medicine Overview
Selected Resources
Taste and See Practicum
Wellness Assessment
Assessment Review
Customer Goal Review
Implementation of a sustainable Self Care approach with our 7-week process
Contact us for more information
Group Coaching
Ability Development
Support/Accountability & Feedback
90 Days*
30 Days*
Individual Coaching
1 hour
Up to 3 hours
90 minutes / week
3 hours
Contact us for more information
*via email
**for an additional cost
For Coporations
Lunch & Learn
Team Building
Lifestyle Medicine Overview
Selected Resources
Taste and See Practicum
Wellness Assessment
Assessment Review
Customer Goal Review
Implementation of a sustainable Self Care approach with our 7-week process
Group Coaching
Ability Development
Support/Accountability & Feedback
Individual Coaching
1 hour
Up to 3 hours
Contact us for our pricing
Contact us for details on our Consulting services
For Individuals
7-Week Group Class
Lifestyle Medicine Overview
Selected Resources
Taste and See Practicum
Wellness Assessment
Assessment Review
Customer Goal Review
Implementation of a sustainable Self Care approach with our 7-week process
Group Coaching
Ability Development
Support/Accountability & Feedback
90 Days*
30 Days*
Individual Coaching
90 minutes / week
3 hours
Contact us for our pricing
*via email
**for an additional cost

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